Laser Liposuction and Smart Lipo in Phoenix

Today it seems that laser liposuction surgery is more popular than ever before. Smart Lipo, which is a popular form of laser liposuction has been hailed by doctors and patients alike as one of the greatest advancements in cosmetic surgery and body sculpting. Both men and women can't seem to stop talking about how smartlipo a popular form of laser liposuction, has given them a body that no amount of diet and exercise could.

Laser lipo, Phoenix area doctors explain, has likely become one of the most popular minimally invasive lipo alternatives available in Arizona because it has been able to provide before and after results that in many cases are similar or even better than the results often after traditional liposuction surgery, without many of the risks and side effects associated with most surgical procedures.

Is Laser Lipo right for You?

Often referred to by cosmetic surgeons as tumescent liposuction or smart lipo, many doctors believe that laser liposuction has become very popular because of the many distinct advantages these forms of laser liposuction have when compared to other methods of surgical fat removal.

Those interested in liposuction are often very pleased to learn that in addition to being performed while patients are awake, using only local anesthesia, patients also enjoy great results with shorter healing times and less scaring than would be seen with more traditional forms of lipo surgery.

Laser vs. Lipo

Traditional liposuction procedures have been used by many doctors and cosmetic surgeons in Arizona for years, as it is effective at removing stubborn fat deposits when diet and exercising is not. After seeing results that many cosmetic surgeons believe are as good or better than the results seen with traditional liposuction surgery, more and more surgeons in the area are beginning to perform more laser assisted lipo surgeries such as tumescent or VASER liposuction for patients who want treatment on more delicate areas of the body such as the knees and chin.

Get the Facts Today to Look Your Best Tomorrow

Since alternatives to liposuction now include options such as laser assisted tumescent liposuction, and smart lipo, it is not surprising to see more women and men in choosing laser lipo vs. surgery.

Like many prospective patients you might be wondering if these newer procedure are truly effective. Some doctors explain that even those most skeptical patients are amazed at how well these laser assisted procedures work, and how cost effective they can be when compared to having surgery or other cosmetic procedures.

It appears that once patients have a good understanding about what these leading edge procedures can do for them, most can not wait to schedule their procedure and finally have the body of their dreams without the risks associated with surgery.
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